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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Game of the Month: Double Action Boogaloo Is a Blast to Play

The FPS Double Action Boogaloo has captured out attention.

We are kicking off of first Game of the Month with a review of Double Action Boogaloo from Steam.

This free multiplayer first person shooter is all the moves in this game based on action movie highlights. You can dive, flip, and slide with the best of them while showing off what a crack marksman you are.

Pros of Double Action Boogaloo

The game is fun to play thanks to the crazy movie antics you can do, like sliding and shooting or how you can interact with the environment. Be careful when diving through windows.

We like the ability to customize your characters outside of just their looks. Maybe you want your guy to be more athletic or is a better shot. You can decide where you want your guy to excel.

The AI in the game does a decent job and proves to be troublesome when you are trying to take down your friend.

Negatives of Double Action Boogaloo

Every game has their glitches, but this one does have some big ones, like getting stuck inside objects. You can use some of them to your advantage and hide from your opponents.

While there are a few weapons to select from, we wished there were more options when it comes to the ranged weapons.

Overall this is a fun game and since it is free, how can you go wrong with it?

Make sure to check out Double Action Boogaloo on Steam.

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