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Game of the Month: Zombie Defense

Video Game Zombie Defense

Nothing says it is October likes zombies and we found a new way to exterminate them in our latest adventure into video game land.

We found Zombie Defense by Home Net Games on Steam and thought it was the perfect way to get us into the Halloween spirit.

The game is touted as being an hybrid of the classic RTS and a modern Tower Defense game.

The object of the game is to recruit soldiers and strategically place them to be efficient zombie killers.

You earn money on missions to help upgrade your current recruits or heal them on the fly. As you progress, you will find new classes of recruits to fight against the undead.

Here are a few screen captures from Zombie Defense including my death.

Zombie Defense

Zombie Defense

Zombie Defense


  • We love the game comes with 49 missions and 5 different modes. It is a good way to keep you on your toes once the game gets to be easy.
  • There is a good variety of weapons to take out the oncoming zombies. Even up to an air strike or a Tesla tower.
  • The graphics may not be great but they do a decent job of setting the scene.



  • We like seeing a lot of action when it comes to the zombies, but sometimes it feels like the waves are endless. Even at the higher speed. It would be nice if they shortened some of themĀ  up.
  • More variation in the zombies. While there are 22 different recruits, the massive zombie horde is limited to 8 types.
  • The biggest one we say is the need to spend real money for true success. Yes, the game is free so I understand they goal is to make money. Personally I would rather pay $10 for the game and have an easier path to the better classes or weapons.

Overall the game has some fun aspects to it and a good change of place if you like RTS games. If they made a few of the changes we suggested, we would have no hesitation recommended the game.

If you have played Zombie Defense before, let us know what you think of it.


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