Gamera 2015 Trailer Shown at New York Comic Con

If you did not have a chance to attend the 2015 New York Comic Con, then you will want to see the Gamera 2015 Trailer shown to the attending audience.

This movie is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Gamera and is being distributed by Kadokawa Pictures, is tentatively scheduled to be released towards the end of 2015.

The trailer did a good job of giving Gamera fans and non-fans a chance to see it in action when it takes on the Gyaos in the opening sequence. We dig the look of the unknown kaiju, which had at least four tentacles, from the Gamera 2015 trailer. We are curious to see these two behemoths going toe to toe in Tokyo.

Since we know the movie is going to rely on CGI, we were overly pleased with how it looked except for a few quick scene where it looked less than stellar.

While there are no definite plans for the movie to be released out of of Japan, we are hoping the lure of the international dollar and the sizeable fan base would be enough to encourage them to do so.

After watching the Gamera 2015 trailer, do you have any interesting in seeing this movie or are you going to pass on it?

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