Garage Sale Find: Star Wars Toy Collection and Furby

Yoda Star Wars Garage Sale Find

After our first successful garage sale find, we decided to venture out into the suburbs outside Detroit, Michigan.

Magnificent Mom and I scoured Craigslist to check out what there was to offer. We found several potential ones and decided to see what we could come home with.

Original Furby

The majority of the garage sales ended up being lackluster and didn’t have much to offer. Magnificent Mom helped us score big by finding an Estate sale that was eager to unload the toy collection, which was heavy in Stars Wars and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The items we found were still in their originally packaging and were in excellent condition. Based on the condition of the items, we knew we were going to pick up these items no matter what.

What made this haul even better was we were able to pick up each of these for only $1 each. In the end, we spent a grand total of $ 6.

Overall we are quite pleased to see not just our collection grow but to be able to do it for a few bucks.

Micro Machine Star Wars Garage Sale Find

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