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Gentle Giant Releasing a Super Powers Joker Figure


Relive the popular Kenner Super Powers Collection line thanks to the Gentle Giant.

Thanks to the using 3D technology, the company will be releasing a 12″ Super Powers Joker, completed with an over-sized mallet to squash his enemies.

The Gentle Giant has already announced the pre-orders for Batman, Robin, The Penguin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and the Flash from the same Kenner toy line.

They took a mint condition Super Powers Joker figure and created a highly accurate digital model by using 3D scanners. The model was created to a 1:6 scale and printed using top of the line 3D printers.

For starters, we have to say this is pretty darn cool.

Thanks to new technology, companies are able to recreate some of the toy lines we loved from the past. Sure they may not be as durable but only time will tell.

Super-Powers-Joker-2Also, it does seem a bit weird that the Joker was not the first DC villain they released. No big deal, just made us curious.

You can preorder the Joker for $90.00, which is on par with the other figures released. The expected release date will be during the first quarter of 2017.

Now the item does appear to be on the pricey side but if the quality is there, then these Super Power Collection figures will be worth it.

Would you consider picking up Super Powers Joker for your collection?

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