Ghostbusters Afterlife Pop Figures Look Promising

Funko knows who you are gonna call.

The Ghostbusters Afterlife Pop Figures by Funko look like to be a hit, especially when it comes to certain StayPuft figures.

Last time around, Funko did a decent job with some of the Pop Figures. The addition of the Mini Puft characters has given Funko a whole lot of characters to deal with.

The list has continued to grow and pardon if we miss some.

  • Phoebe
  • Lucky
  • Podcast
  • Mr. Gooberson
  • Muncher
  • Mini Puft with Cocktail
  • Mini Puft Lighter
  • Mini Puft on Fire
  • Mini Puft with Graham
  • Mini Puft in Cappuccino
  • T-Shirt Box with GITF mini Puft
  • Mini Puft with Pizza 
  • Mini Puft with Headphones
  • GITD Muncher 



Honestly for us, we are going to take a closer look at the Mini Puft figures. While the character ones are nice, there is something about the little guys and the mayhem they want to do.

This might be the first time we pick up the Box Shirt to get the GITD figure.

Are there any of the Ghostbusters Afterlife Pop Figures you plan on picking up?

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