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Ghostbusters Review: Better Than Expected

Ghostbusters Review

The new Ghostbusters may not be in the same class as the original, but it does not mean you should skip it.

We already know who you are going to call, but the bigger question are we ready to share our Ghostbusters review with you?

Yes we are.

Overall, we were quite pleased with the movie. We did not expect much when we first heard the Internet rumblings. But after seeing additional trailers and positive word of mouth, we decided to take the plunge.

Before we continue on with the Ghostbusters review, the rest of it is just about spoiler free.

There were several positive things about the movie.

The majority of the cast was spot on and each one brought something special to the movie. Our two favorite characters were Rowan and Holtzman.

Rowan had the creepy vibe down pat and while he was not physically overpowering, his presence was still felt.

What can you say about Holtzman but she was out there and we liked it. The speech at the end was eh but did not ruin the character for us.

We did like how they did the cameos for the cast of the original Ghostbuster movie. Our favorite one was Bill Murray’s role.

Now to the negative side.

For starters, the fighting sequence at the end of the movie was a bit much. Part of the charm of the first movie was it involved ordinary guys. This movie gives us ordinary girls who all of the sudden have become Lara Croft like with their ghost busting skills. We would have preferred they went with less.

Another issue was the same one you see in some comedy films. They kept sticking with the same jokes which makes your head hurt. One example is when Kevin keeps covering his eyes so he can not hear.

The biggest gripe we have with the movie is why did it need to be made. Look the movie was fun in its own right but there was nothing amazing about it.

Had they decided against the soft reboot and gone with a Ghostbusters 3 where the ladies take up the helm, we might have enjoyed it more.

If you had a chance to check out the movie, give us your brief Ghostbusters review.

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