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Glass Review: Worth Seeing

Glass Review

The trilogy comes to an acceptable ending.

M. Night Shyamalan’s newest film closes out an unexpected trilogy, but check out our Glass review to see if justice was served.

We do love trilogies, that are closed out properly like Return of the Jedi or Toy Story 3. But there are times when the final movie is meh at best, Cars 3.

We were curious to see how this movie was going to lay out when we finally get to see the three main characters; Mr. Glass, David Dunn, and Kevin Crumb, cross paths at a mental hospital.

Now onward with our Glass review.

There are several positives with this movie. The first one we real liked was how we got to see some vulnerability with the main characters as they begin to entertain their powers are not real. This was the opposite of what we saw in the earlier films.

Since it is a Shyamalian film, we expect twists and we have to say he nailed it with the first one involving Crumb’s Dad. This made sense in the overall premise of the movie and help fracture what could have been a strong bond.

The end was darker than we expected but it was needed if he plans on ending it here

On the negative side, there was one that stuck out to us.

It had to do with the verify last twist. We understand it was used to bring the trilogy to a close but we wished it would have been a different route.

The reason it sticks out is the final act only happened because of specific events taking place, which in hindsight seems like it would be difficult to plan out.

In the end, we kicked off the . with a solid start. Sure there a couple of minor issues, but we are left satisfied in the end.

If you have already seen the movie, share with us your Glass Review.

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