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Godzilla Defense Force Had Potential

Godzilla Defense Force

The king of monsters is brought to the small screen, something we did not know we needed.

The studio Neople, Nexon, Studio 42 created Godzilla Defense Force and we have to say you had us at the mere mention of Kaiju.

The second thing that attracted us to the game was it was different than Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes or Star Wars Commander.

Overall, the game is set up as a tower defense game. You will control various defenses to defend the cities from the Kaiju. When you beat the bosses, you gain Kaiju cards, which can in turn be used to strengthen your Kaiju roster to assist you.

On to the positives with Godzilla Defense Force.

The one thing we were most impressed with was the number of different Kaiju we had the chance to go up against. Sure there were your standard ones like Rodan and King Ghidorah, but there was lesser known ones like Hedorah. On top of it, you have a chance to go up against some evolutionary evolved ones.

The layout of the game was smart. It gives you the chance to feel the sheer size of Godzilla and company when your city is being attacked.

On to the negatives.

We wished there was more to do in the way of planing your defense. Early on there is enough to keep your attention on the Kaiju who are attacking your city.

We do love having a select few Kaiju to help us protect the cities, but eventually we would love to see more options available. We think by making this change, it would offer up more for the players.

The AI of the game is pretty straight forward and once you figure out the pattern it is pretty standard on how to take them down. There is some variations with the Kaiju but would have loved to see more.

Overall the game is fun to play, especially for any fans of the Godzilla franchise. There is enough there to keep you interested but not enough to make this game take over every second of your free time.

In the end, we would suggest you pick it up to give it a try.

If you had a chance to play Godzilla Defense Force, let us know what you thought of it.

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