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Godzilla Unleashed Review (Wii)

This Godzilla Unleashed Review for the WII is going to be our first in a line of video game reviews from our small but ever growing collection.

We choose to review this video game for a few reasons. it is focused on one of the best creatures around, Godzilla, and it was the video game on top of the stack.

On to our first review.

One of the features we like is the moves we are able to do while utilizing the WII remote and the nunchuk. They did a decent job of bringing in the creatures unique attacks along with some new ones. You do have the occasional hiccup by getting stuck on the terrain but they are few and far in between.

Another thing we like is the different creatures brought into the Godzilla Unleashed game. The creators did a good job of sticking with the Godzilla universe and only brought in a pair of new creatures, like Obsidan.

We think they went in the right direction by having different modes for versus. You can either go head to head based or go see who can create the most damage to the city.

On the downside, we wished there was more variables in the environment. The army sends in a few vehicles and air support to attack but for the most part they sit back while you cause havoc.The AI does attack the player who is doing the most damage but you can easily ignore it.

The last thing we wanted to add for our Godzilla Unleashed Review are some of the codes we found to be quite useful.

  • 031406 – 90000 Store Points
  • Enter 0829(XX) – Set the date Note: XX is the day you want to go to
  • 204935 – Unlocks all store items
  • 411411 – Show Monster Text
  • 585858 – Hide HUD
  • 787321 – Toggle version #
  • 858585 – Show HUD

Despite the hiccups with some of the controls, this game is a definite must have, whether you are a fan of Godzilla or fighting games.

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