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Godzilla vs Kong Insight

Godzilla vs Kong Insight

Two enter, will only one leave?

The release of the trailers means our Godzilla vs Kong insight could not be too far around the corner and you are right.

We have been a fan of the recent Godzilla films and have been counting down the days once we saw Kong Skull Island. With the release of the recent trailers, we thought it would be a good time to share our insights on what we will expect to see.

Here are a few things we noticed.

More than meets the eye..

By now, images have leaked out that MechaGodzilla will be in the movie. In what capacity we do not know yet, but it does give us some insight into the plot. It’s presence could be the reason why Godzilla and Kong square off. At some point we will see Mecha running around and posing as Godzilla to cause mass confusion.

Ghidorah’s Brain

On the topic of Mechagodzilla, we also think they used Ghidorah’s brain in it. This would account for them losing control of it toward the end of the movie. While the humans will have good intention, there has to be a reason for things to go south in a hurry.


Though fans would love to see the two titans have a winner to their battle, we do not think it is in the cards. Instead we think they will need to team up to take down Mechagodzilla and save the world. 

That is all we have for now. Let the countdown until it appears in theaters and HBO Max on March 31st.

Do you have any Godzilla vs Kong Insight to share?

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