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Godzilla vs Kong Review: The Big Guys Salvaged the Finale

Godzilla vs Kong Insight

One side was always going to be disappointed with the ending.

Taking advantage of HBOMax, we watch the colossal giants battle it out before putting together our Godzilla vs Kong Review.

We have enjoyed the return of Godzilla to the screen since 2014 and were dying to see how they were going to make this battle feel epic on every level. But was it enough to keep us locked in?

On to what we liked and didn’t like about the film.

Godzilla, Kong, and Mechagodzilla looked fantastic up on the screen. From every roar to various attacks, the motion was fluid and they looked intimidating. 

On a sidenote, why does Warner Bros have such a hard time with other CGI in their films, like Justice League?

We saw a marked improvement over the human element in Godzilla King of Monsters. There was still some lackluster moments where it felt like the humans were used as info dumps to keep the story moving. We definitely think they are moving in the right direction on how they handled it.

We won’t spoil the ending, but we think this was the right approach to how they handled it. It did not detract from how the movie played out.

In the end, this is a movie perfect for any Kaiju fan, even the casual ones. It is a shame they are moving on from these two, but we are curious to see what other direction they might take. 

If you had a chance to see the movie, share your own Godzilla vs Kong Review with us.

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