Good Comic Book Covers: Batman The Killing Joke

Is there a definitive Joker story?

Some might say Batman The Killing Joke is, one thing we know is the cover is one of the best out there.

DC Comics has managed to put together some amazing one shot graphic novels, but when it comes to covers this is one of the best. When you first look at the cover, there is no denying who the story will center on.

The close-up of the Joker’s face works and thanks to his color scheme, it really stands out.

The addition of the camera is the perfect symbolism when it comes to taking a true look upon ourselves. 

This edition was published in March of 1998 and the cover is attributed to John Higgins.



Next month, we think it is time to dive into the world of independents to find more unique Good Comic Book Covers.

What do you think about the cover for Batman The Killing Joke?

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