Good Comic Book Covers: Captain America # 1

We thought this was a good time to shift from the Bad Comic Book Cover series.

This series will focus on the Good Comic Book Covers and start with Captain America # 1.

Just like with the Bad Comic Book Cover series, this is going to be subjective and based on what appeals to us.

The issue was released in March 1941 and features the artwork of Jack Kirby.


The title of the comic pops to us. The yellow lettering is a perfect contrast to the red, white, and blue.

What really appeals to us is how much information is relayed to the reader about the title character. There are enough minimal clues to show what we can expect. 

Even better, we get to see Captain America knocking out Hitler. 

The only real knock we have is the addition of Bucky on the bottom. We think Jack could have left this for the inside.

Let us know what you think of the Captain America # 1 cover.

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