Good Comic Book Covers: Green Lantern #49

A good cover portrays what the reader can expect.

Green Lantern #49 is a perfect example where the reader has a good idea where things might lead with Green Lantern.

This time around, we took the Good Comic Book Covers down to the DC side with this Green Lantern issue. 

The comic was released on Jan 31, 1994 with cover art done by Darryl Banks.

The premise of the story was dimple. Needing more power to bring back the destroyed Coast City, an out-of-control Hal Jordan heads to Oa. The Guardians send the entire Green Lantern Corps to stop him.

There was no denying the impact the cover had.


Green Lantern # 49


The focus of the cover is simple. Jordan holding the Green Lantern rings and the look of sheer awesomeness on his face. Normally we would shy away from using so much green, but it works. Especially when you combine it with highlights on Jordan’s face. 

Honestly if we saw this comic book cover on the racks, there is no way we would pass it up.

What do you think of the Green Lantern #49 cover?

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