GOOD COMIC BOOK COVERS: Incredible Hulk # 340

The POV can be an interesting take if done right.

Incredible Hulk # 340 is an example when a different approach to a comic book cover can really pay off in the end.

There are certain characters who convey strength. Whether it is Superman in the DC world or the Hulk from the Marvel universe, you know there is going to be a beatdown.

The Incredible Issue was published in February 10, 1988. The cover artwork was done by Todd McFarlane



Even though Wolverine is the center of attention, there is no denying who the cover belongs too. We do like the attention to detail with the Hulk’s reflection.

Perhaps a more inexperience artists may have drawn the reflection too perfect and it would have felt off. McFarlane did a great job of setting the seen for what was going to take place among the pages of the comic.

Also, based on the expression by both the Hulk and Wolverine, there is no denying that something is going to go down. 

What do you think of the Incredible Hulk # 340 cover?

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