GOOD COMIC BOOK COVERS: Marvel Tales # 225

Sometimes a reprint can exceed the original.

This month we are focusing on Marvel Tales #225, which came out almost 30 years after the original comic book.

We are following up our previous Hellboy cover with this Classic Spider-man.

This version was released in 1989 and under the artistic touch of Todd McFarlane 


The original cover was Amazing Spider-Man #90 (1970) and while it decent work, it does not hold a candle to the updated one.

The focus of the cover is clear as is the dramatic pose. Even without the title, “The Death of Captain Stacy”, there is no mistaking what happened.

Also we love the minimal / empty background used. It helps us focus on Spider-man and Stacy.

What do you think about the cover for Marvel Tales # 225?

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