GOOD COMIC BOOK COVERS: The Incredible Hulk # 1

We dive deep into the history of the Hulk.

The focus of April is the cover of The Incredible Hulk # 1 and how it impacted the comic book world going forward.

While we have tended to stick with more modern day comics, we thought this was a good time to venture back into the history of the Hulk.

This issue was published on May 2, 1962 with the cover created by Jack Kirby.

The design of the cover is solid. Between the bold color of the comic book title mixed with the darker images of the characters, it lays out a different tone than the cheerful comics. 

Though we are not a fan of littering the covers with one liners, we know this was the motive earlier in comic’s history. We can give it a pass.

What we love about the cover is the foreshadowing Kirby does. By setting Banner in front of Hulk and adding a few textures lines, it gives the readers enough of a glimpse into what may transpire.

This is a cover that would have caught our attention if we were walking by and no doubt we would have picked it up.

What do you think of the The Incredible Hulk # 1 cover?

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