Gotham Trading Cards Season 2 Out Now

Gotham Trading Cards Season 2

The television show, Gotham, has become a fan favorite  and Cryptozoic Entertainment has something for you.

They teamed up with Warner Brothers and created Gotham Trading Cards Season 2 based on the television show centered around Gotham before Batman;s arrival.

We were previously impressed by their Ghostbusters II board game and had to check out these trading cards.

The set is going to include various characters from the show, like Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Harvey Dent, and more. Some of the lucky fans will find cards autographed by the actors themselves.

The set is going to contain all of the drama as Detective Jim Gordon faces off against new villains who seek to make their name in Gotham.

Here are some details on the various products available for the Gotham Trading Cards Season 2.

  • Each pack will contain 5 cards and there are 24 packs in a box.
  • The base set will consist of 72 cards, with various iconic images from Season 2.
  • There will be Chase Sets like “Bad & Beautiful”, “The Maniax”, “Rising Villains”, and “New Day Dark Knights.”
  • Special autographed and wardrobe cards will be available.
  • 3-Ring binder to sort and store your collection.

We have not had a chance to check the show out yet but if we do, then a few of these packs may find their way into our home.

The Gotham Trading Cards Season 2 are available at retailers nationwide..

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