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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Grading Your Toys

The C-10 Grading Scale

Whether you are collecting for your personal satisfaction or with the hopes of a big payday down the road, it is important to understand grading.


By having a decent understanding of what the majority of toy collectors, it helps even out the field and makes sure there is less confusion when it comes to selling or buying new toys.

These grades can be used when it comes to setting a price on the toy.

Here is our take he consensus scale the experts use to rate them.

C-10     Mint, the item was never out of the box. Never.

C-9     The box was opened but the toy was kept inside it.

C-8     The item has some minor wear, like minimal scratches but joints are still good.

C-7     It looks like it has been played with. You can tell it has been out of the box for some time, minor issues like scratches, marks, and possible loose joints.

C-6     The toy has seen its fair share of wear and tear. You will find some heavy paint wear and scuffs, along with looser joints.

C-5     Loose joints, repairs made, repainted, has been around the block once or ten times.

C-4    Beat up to the point where you would not want it on your shelf.

C-3     Deep scratches or battle wounds, like a missing arm or leg. Possible replacement parts.

C-2     Step above a pile of plastic.

C-1     Just a pile of plastic.

Remember, these are guidelines for grading your toys. Use it as a tool when you are assigning value to them, but it is not 100% infallible.



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