Guardians of the Galaxy Did Not Disappoint

Power Boy, Magnificent Mom, and I had a chance to check out the newest movie from Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy and boy did it live up to expectations and more.

The story was solid and, the acting was not Oscar worthy but did the job and there were plenty of quips and one liners to make you laugh.

One of our favorite things was Groot and Rocket, including their relationship. It was even better when Rocket was having a conversation with Groot. I

t was perfect how Rocket knew what the big guy was saying even though Groot said the same three lines.
Power Boy and I loved the scene at the prison and thought it was well done. Filled with action but also gave us some insight into the characters.

Personally I would like to see more of the Nova Corps in the future movie. Maybe we will get to see Nova in the next movie?

One of the biggest laughs from the audience was when Groot was dancing along to Quill’s music. There are a few questionable moments in terms of how the story resolves itself but nothing too drastic.

Overall, it is a great Marvel movie and if are a fan of their movies, this one is worth catching it in theaters.

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