Happy Meal Toys: Hotel Transylvania 2

The new Happy Meal toys for September will be from the upcoming movie Hotel Transylvania 2.

The sequel to the popular 2012 movie, Hotel Transylvania, follows up where the hotel allows human guests. Johnny & Mavis have a young son, Dennis. The problem is the grandpa, Dracula, is worried since their son does not have any of the vampire’s abilities. We will get to see them usher Dennis through a monster boot camp along with Dracula’s Dad showing up for a visit.

As for the Hotel Transylvania 2 Happy Meal toys, here are your choices.

Count Dracula

Mavis on a Scooter


Wayne the Werewolf

Frank / Frankenstein

Murray the Mummy

If you or your child is a fan of Hotel Transylvania 2, make sure to stop by and grab these Happy Meal toys. They do not like they will do much but they could also serve as possible Halloween decorations.

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