Happy Meal Toys: Minions Trick or Treat Pails

McDonald’s Happy Meals is getting in the Halloween spirit with their next toy, which will be Minions Trick or Treat Pails.

There will be four different pails to choose from.

Dracula Minion

Pirate Minion

Hippie Minion


We have to admit, while Power Boy may have outgrown things like this, the Minions Trick or Treat Pails are pretty cool.

The only thin we wish they did differently was the regular Minion pail. They could have continue the Halloween theme. Maybe try a Ghost Minion or something similar. Nothing too scary for the kids but something to make them laugh.

Are you going to pick one up? Just remember, you don’t need to buy a Happy Meal to get one of the Minions Trick or Treat Pails, you can buy it outright.

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