Happy Meal Toys: The Peanuts

The new animated, The Peanuts Movie, is coming out on November 6th and McDonald’s is celebrating the release with their Happy Meal Toys.

Charles S. Schuz’s famous Peanuts comic strip is being brought to the big screen to reintroduce a new generation of kids to the Peanuts gang.

The 3D animated movie will follow Charlie Brown as he embarks upon an epic and heroic quest, while Snoopy will take to the skies to take on the Red Baron.

This time around, McDonald’s is going to have 12 different Happy Meal toys to celebrate it. Here are the characters McDonald’s is going to have featured in this toy line.

Charlie Brown

Snoopy & Woodstock


Snoopy ready to battle the Red Baron

Schroeder playing his piano with Snoopy

Snoopy and Sally riding in a box

Linus with his trusty blanket

Charlie and his pal Snoopy



Woodstock driving

We can see Happy Meal collectors rushing to their nearest McDonald’s to grab them but also parents wanting to share the love they have for this group with their kids.

Do you have any interest in picking up these ones from The Peanuts movie?

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