Happy Meals: Rabbids Toys

McDonald’s is preparing to release a new toy line for their Happy Meals, Rabbids toys.

The popular cartoon show, Rabbids, came to us by way of Cartoon Network and introduced some parents to a group of Rabbids that love to cause mayhem out of their sheer curiosity.

But this is not where the lovable Rabbids first got their start as a spin-off from the Rayman video game series.

The following Rabbids Toys will be available in Happy Meals from McDonald’s.

Octupus Head Rabbid

Ninja Rabbid

TV Head Rabbid

X-Ray Rabbid

Tire Rabbid

Wide Mouth Rabbid

Quiet Rabbid

Goofy Face Rabbid

It will be interesting to see if any of these Rabbids toys will feature the creature’s love-able voices.

Whether you are a fan of the series or maybe you want to take some of your stress out on them, check out your local McDonald’s for the Rabbids toys.

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