Hasbro SDCC Exclusive Doctor Strange Set

SDCC Exclusive Doctor Strange

If you are venturing out to San Diego this month, do not miss out on the exclusive Book of  Vishanti set to help unlock your inner magic.

Hasbro this SDCC Exclusive Doctor Strange set that is sure to get you in touch with your inner Sorcerer Supreme.

There are some people who are not too familiar with the good doctor and may only know him from brief interactions from comics or video games.

This may make you wonder if this is something you would want to pick up this Marvel Legends set if you are not too familiar with the comic series.

After taking a quick look what you will get, by the time the movie is released, you will have wished you grabbed this one.

The set is going to contain the following 6-inch figures.

  • Doctor Strange in his Astral Form
  • Brother Voodoo
  • Magik
  • Hela
  • Dormammu


The set is going to come in a box to resemble the Book of Vishanti, Doctor’s Strange magical tome.

The price for the SDCC Exclusive Doctor Strange set will be $104.99. Here are a few images of what you can expect with this collector’s item.

SDCC Exclusive Doctor StrangeSDCC Exclusive Doctor StrangeThe set is sure to get Marvel fans excited for the upcoming movie.

Let us know what you think of Hasbro’s SDCC Exclusive Doctor Strange set.

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