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Hellboy Review: This was something.

Hellboy Review

The rebooted version of the movie maybe has two things going for it.

At the start of 2019 we were excited to see this newest version of Red but by the end of our Hellboy review you will see why we were mistaken.

Prior to seeing Hellboy we were brought in thanks to the trailers and the concept being laid out. It was these reasons why it earned a spot on our 2019 Must See Movies. Maybe we were too idealistic.

Let’s start off our Hellboy review with what we liked.

One of the bright spots in the movie was David Harbour. Sure he may have not been on the same level as Ron Pearlman from the earlier movies, but he did a decent job carrying the movie on his back.

The final thing we liked was the music. Yes, the second best thing about this movie was the music. It set the mood even when the movie was failing.

On to what we didn’t like about Hellboy. To keep things short, we will keep things short.

For starters, this movie felt like Suicide Squad but worse. They felt the need to introduce each of the main and secondary characters with brief flashback scenes. The thing is they were not needed.

Another big glaring issues was the CGI, something plague by other comic movies, like Batman vs Superman. Some of those bad examples was when the blood was flowing or when Alice was communing with spirits.

In the end, we recommend to keep this for your cable viewing on those days where you have absolutely nothing better to do.

If you had a chance to see the movie, share your Hellboy review with us.

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