Hello Neighbor Pop Figures Are Average

Hello Neighbor Pop Figures

One of the most talked about video games of 2017 is being brought to you by Funko.

JG13 Gamer stumbled across an upcoming release from Funko, Hello Neighbor Pop Figures and wanted everyone to know.

We were already excited about the Hello Neighbor game hopefully coming out in December and curiosity got the best of us.

Funko is going to offer seven different figures in the Hello Neighbor line.


  • The Neighbor with shovel and crow.
  • The Neighbor with axe and rope (Gamestop Exclusive)
  •  The Neighbor with milk and cookies (Walmart Exclusive)
  • The Neighbor with apron and cleaver (FYE Exclusive)
  • Black & White version of the Neighbor with shovel and crow. (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
  • Neighbor Pumpkinhead with shovel and crow / Glows in the Dark (Toys’r’Us Exclusive)

Here are the images of the rest of the Hello Neighbor Pop Figures.


Overall, we like the basic design of these Pop Figures. They do an excellent job of capturing the Neighbor in Pop form.

Despite this, we do have a few problems.

First, it is the limited variations of the Neighbor. We think they would have been better served going with a color variant or costume variants instead of the various items he uses.

The biggest problem we have is the head is a reused one from the Pumpkin King. We think they would have been better off tweaking it some way.

In the end, we will probably pick up the Barnes & Nobles exclusive one or the Neighbor Pumpkinhead.

These Pop Figures will be available December 2018. 

Let us know what you think of these Hello Neighbor Pop Figures.

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