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Hello Neighbor Review: Pass On It For Now

Hello Neighbor Review

One of our most anticipated video game titles finally hit the shelves but was it worth the wait?

JG13 Gamer has been eager for the game since the Alpha & Beta days and is ready to share his thoughts with his Hello Neighbor review.

The game is simple. The main antagonist of the story is the Neighbor and the goal is for you to uncover more about his mysterious background. Despite the simple plot, we loved the style of the game.

There were a few things we were excited for with the Hello Neighbor release and we were hoping they would come to be in the game.

One of the things we were excited to learn more about is the Shadow man and his relationship with the characters. So far we have not been able to learn much but are looking forward to discovering more.

The graphics held up from the previous stages we played in. We do appreciate this but are not sure if there focus on the visual part distracted from the rest.

As with anything, there are some problems.

The intuitive game play is not simple. One example is you have to somehow figure out to take a snow globe and place it in the freezer to take care of the Neighbor.

There are no hints or directions that help point you down this path. We ended up finding a video on Youtube that gave us the correct direction.

Overall, we are not as excited for the game as we used to be. Perhaps if they fix some of the game play issues, we would recommend it. Otherwise, we think this is a game to pass on for now. 

If you have had a chance to play, share with us a brief Hello Neighbor review.

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