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Hello Neighbor: The Shadow Man

Shadow Man

The time has come to discuss one of the more interesting parts of an highly anticipated video game.

The Hello Neighbor game moved to the top of our list for 2017 thanks to the appearance of the Shadow man and his mysterious background.

By now we have moved past the disappointment of the game not being released until December 2017. We have returned to learning as much as we can about this game, from the game play to the characters.

There has been on at the top of our mind recently, the Shadow man. First let’s take a look at when this relatively new character has begun to show himself in Hello Neighbor.

Our first possible introduction to the Shadow man was from the concept art for the game on their official website.  In this image we see what appear to be the figure hiding off to the left behind the Neighbor as he enjoys a drink.  Here he looks more human like but still creepy.

His first official appearance was at the end of Alpha 3. You catch a glimpse of the Shadow man when you peer through a door’s keyhole. This design looks drastically different from the first one, specifically his arms are stretched out and he has crazy hair. 

We get to see a 3D version of this image in Alpha 4 where he is hidden in a cut scene from the neighbor’s perspective and the ‘Fear of Darkness’ mini-game.

In Beta 1, he crops up in the Fear Factory and Fear Supermarket game where we see some weird animation. You would have to see it to understand how weird it is.

Beta 3 reveals more of the Shadow man by having him attack up with a jump scare. We also see him crawling towards the door to get to the giant neighbor.

Now on to our theories on the Shadow man.

In the game, you find a hidden wanted poster for two missing kids. The boy’s image reminds of of the Shadow man based on the shape of the head.If this was a boy the neighbor kidnapped, then perhaps he is haunting him as the Shadow man.

Some people feel it is just demon who terrorizing the neighbor, which does seem viable. Youtuber Treesicle believes the demon was haunting the gramaphone. The neighbor smashed it and the demon entered his house to the neighbor’s dismay. 

Once you beat the game in Beta 3 and reset it, you find a QR code which appears to be for him.  Some feel it implies you are able to manipulate memories.This ties in the Fear mini-games, which he appears in all of them.

Here are some final things we learned on the character.

According to Youtuber IGP, he delved into the Final Battle files of the game and found out the developers actually call the Shadow man, the Thing. He also located a file called Child, which may or may not be the sprite.  This would tie in with our theory about it being the missing boy.

Also based on some animation files found, it appears we will have to fight him in some form. Perhaps as the final boss.

We will update when we learn more information about him.

**** Update 9.2.17 ****

After further research, we found you can teleport to the QR Code room when the game detects the player using a cheating application, like Ghost Mode, flying, and deleting the neighbor.

We also learned he is in Alpha 4, the old Shadow Man sprite watches you from above while in the rafters in the Fear school. This image is replaced by the newer version from Beta 1.

Let us know what you think of the Shadow Man from the upcoming Hello Neighbor game.

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