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Hero of the Month: Captain America

Captain America

Marvel’s Captain America is our focus for the Hero of the Month and there is no better time to take a look at the Star-spangled Avenger.

The man behind the iconic shield, Captain America, gets some extra time to shine this month as we we share out thoughts on him.

While there have been others to hold the shield, for the sake of this discussion, we are going to focus on the Steve Roger’s version.

Brief History

Cap first appeared in December 1940 when he appeared in his self-titled issue and was given the honor of punching out Adolf Hitler. After he disappeared from comics for a bit, he was brought back to the forefront with Avengers # 4 (1964) thanks to being frozen in a block of ice. The Captain America run during the 1970’s has been rated by some as one of the best in comic history.

But the biggest event that took place was in 2007 during Marvel’s Civil War event where the Cap meets his demise. Thanks to comics, we knew his death would not last long. Steve Rogers stepped down and handled over the mantle in 2014 when he was turned into a 90 year old man thanks to the removal of the super serum.


What can you say about the all-American boy scout. The never quit attitude is something you can get behind no matter who you are. This is never more evident than in some of the stronger story-lines like Civil War.

Honestly the one thing that we love best about him is what comes to mind first when you think of Captain America, the shield. Whether it is the symbol on the shield or how Rogers is able to use it, there is no denying there is something truly special about it.


One of the drawbacks through out the history is at times, Captain America, has sometimes come across as bland. Perhaps it is the basic look of it or out of this world power but there are times when it seems like Cap is a B Rated super hero.

Luckily for us, this has been rectified often through out the years with inventive story-lines where we see the man go outside the standard box.

red_skull_by_anitakajika-d536va6Best Villain

There is no question about it, the Red Skull, is the top villain who opposes Cap. The Nazi super solider has proven to be a difficult foe thanks to his superior intellect and inventive genius. Besides, how can he not be the best villain with just how he looks.


Cap is one hero that most people can find something in it to like and gives us little reason to dislike. The his re-emergence in the Marvel Universe we can expect to see more about the man behind the shield.

Let us know what you like and/or dislike about Captain America.

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