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Hero of the Month: Ajax


A name most Marvel fans will come to know in 2020.

Ajax a member of the Eternals and of the God Squad has been seen as a hero and a villain during his time in the Marvel universe. 

For the purposes of the article, we will not be discussing how Ajax would have been portrayed in the movie that was scheduled for 2020

Brief History

He first appeared in Eternals #2 (August 1976) and Jack Kirby was credited with his creation. He made several appearances over the years, but saw a major gap from 1994 to 2006. Since then, his appearances have been limited to the Eternals Marvel mini-series and in a few Incredible Hercules. 

Over the years he has been seen on both sides of the line. During various Host of the Celestials, Ajax has found him working with others, like Thor. He has opposed others, like Zeus, who saw the Celestials as their pawns and nothing more. 

The most intriguing line was the Dark Celestials. The Eternals came back to Earth and lived on Olympia. When the time came for them to herald the arrival of the Dark Celestials, the Eternals went mad and turned on themselves or committed suicide when they released what their plan was. 


The ability to manipulate cosmic energy is an interesting one because it was rarely seen throughout most comics. It makes him feel more like a suped up super hero. As a result, he has the same powers of the masses, but adds things like molecular manipulation. It also leads to the one thing we see as a potential problem. 


Though being nearly immortal might be seen as a plus, we find this to be the biggest issue. At times it has been the root cause behind their ultimate demise at hands similar to their own. This is the same thing we have seen in most other characters who share this trait. 

Best Villains

We were close to adding the Skrulls to this section but ended up going with himself and the other Celestials. The more we looked at it, the more you have to go with the group that proves to be their biggest enemies. 


When it comes to the Eternals, Ajax is an interesting one. While he may not rewrite fandom in the comic world, there is enough there to peak a readers interest. 

You know how we feel, but what do you think of Ajax?

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