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Hero of the Month: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Though there have been several at the helm, there is one Captain Marvel we hold on top.

The general public will be introduced to Captain Marvel in March, but comic book fans know about her rich history.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel Yes the one we will eventually see on the screen with Black Panther, Thor, and other Avengers.

Brief History – The character debuted in Marvel Super Heroes #13 in March of 1968 and was created by Ray Thomas and Gene Colan. After being injured trying to get close to Captain Marvel, she sustains serious injuries. Danvers resurfaces with powers and takes on the mantle, Ms. Marvel.

In the beginning, there were some questionable story arcs with Ms. Marvel, especially the one involving Marcus. She had sporadic appearances over the years but did not come into her own until the Civil War story line.

Her most defining role came with the Secret Invasion where we see the Skrulls secretly infiltrate Earth. This helped move her to the forefront as one of the top Marvel heroines.

Positives – She has super human strength, speed, and much more but the one thing we love about the character is her Binary power. The ability to tap into the power of the White Hole, allowing full control of stellar energies.

Negatives – On the surface, there is not much we did not like about the character. What did stand out was the name itself. We have seen several different versions of her. This takes away some of her importance as a singular character.

Best Villains – This is the first time we are not going with a specific villain but a group of them. The Skrulls. Their ability to take the place of key characters from the Marvel Universe caused more problems than most villains dream of.

Overall – In the end, Captain Marvel is an interesting character. She is capable to be a hero to carry the Marvel universe on her shoulders thanks to her powers and attitudes.

What do you think of Captain Marvel?

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