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Hero of the Month: Deadpool


There is more to the Merc with a Mouth than what you see on the big screen.

Deadpool has grown in popularity over the recent years in the mainstream thanks to the recent movies, but don’t miss out on his comic background.

Brief History

The character first appeared in Marvel comics, New Mutants # 98, and was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. Aside from the reference to Deathstroke (discussed later on) Liefeld drew inspiration from Spider-man and Wolverine in the creation process. It was his intent to pair of Cable and Deadpool to feature a similar relationship.

The Merc with a Mouth was busy with the X-force comic line before he started to branch out to other ones, like the Avengers, Daredevil. In 1997, he received his own ongoing title.

Over the years, Deadpool has been involved in plenty of interesting story arcs but there are one more interesting one. Deadpool Kills he Marvel Universe. This one started off simply enough with Red being attacked by Pyscho-Man who tried to brainwash him. It left him unhinged more and he went on a hero/villain killing spree as he tried to rebel against the comic creators.


He does have a host of intriguing abilities but the one sometimes viewed as best is unique onto himself. Breaking the fourth wall. While this may not be a big help in the hero department, it has gone a long way into making him truly unique among a glut of spandex covered characters.


At times, it feels Deadpool can be viewed as the Batman of the Marvel universe. There is nothing he can not do and no one he can not defeat  Sometimes people need to remember it is okay to lose.

Best Villain

There are a couple that come to mind, but honestly we have to go with one that helped give creation to the character. Deathstroke. While these two are from different universes, Marvel vs DC, they have a long standing history.

Liefeld gained a lot of his inspiration from the character in the Teen Titan Comics, so much to the point Wade Wilson is close enough to Slade Wilson. Basically Liefeld’s version is more amped up than Deathstroke.


It is the little things that make the difference with his hero. Deadpools abilities may not be amazing overall, but what he does do and has makes him a key figure in the Marvel universe.

Let us know what are your thoughts are on Deadpool.


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