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Hero of the Month: Dick Grayson

This hero has definitive ties to Dark Knight but by no means does it mean he is only remembered during his time spent with him.

Dick Grayson may have begun his storied comic history as a sidekick but he managed to expand his universe and create his own person Nightwing.

Previously we focused on other heroes like Batman and Red Hood, but wanted to share some love with the original Robin. A character as unique as they come.

Brief History

Grayson first appeared in Detective Comics #38 in April 1940 as the original incarnation of Robin. After his family was killed by a mafia boss, Bruce Wayne took him in as a legal ward and soon became the original sidekick.

He led the Teen Titans but eventually Dick Grayson would take on the person Nightwing to break free of being seen as an understudy of Batman.

There have been times during his history where he has taken the mantle of Batman but it is never long lived. He even had a stint as Agent 47. Right now, Grayson has taken the Nightwing role back in the DC Universe


The one positive we have with his hero is his constant struggle to break out on his own and create his own identity. It shows an ongoing struggle for him to come into his own, the same way a son moves to make his own path from his father.


One issue some have with Dick Grayson is he is a watered down version of Batman. He does basically the same things but to a lesser degree.

They see him never being able to move away from it’s shadow and will remain a middle of the road hero.

Dick GraysonBest Villain

Hands down, the best villain of Dick Grasyon is Deathstroke.

The two first squared off when Grayson was leading the Teen Titans. It did not end after he left the group and moved on his solo act as Nightwing.

Deathstroke has proved to be competent enough to handle the Grayson with their physical skills, which has led to impressive battles.


Sure he may not be the strongest, the smartest, or the fastest of heroes from the DC Universe.

What makes Grayson appealing to his fans is the struggle to define his own path while trying to live up to an impossible goal.

Which person of Dick Grayson did you like the best?


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