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Hero of the Month: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme made his appearance on the big screen this month but there is so much more when talking about the man who wields these amazing magical powers.

Marvel may have surprised casual fans by releasing the Doctor Strange movie during Phase 3 but they felt it was time to open the mystic realms.

The good doctor is not your typical super hero but by no means is he a slouch.

Perhaps this is why diehard fans are attracted to him and the bizarre worlds he visited.

Brief History

Doctor Strange debuted in Strange Tales #110 in a split issue which also featured the Human Torch. He grew in popularity thanks to the mystical landscapes and powers.  The series grew in popularity during the Silver and Golden Age of comics.

There was a lull in the 1980’s but came back strong with a new series where we see him lost the title of Doctor Strange. One of the more interesting runs was when he battles Daniel Drumm who possesses various Avengers to kill him.

One other thing of note, Doctor Strange # 15 (1990) was recalled after they used the likeness of Christian singer, Amy Grant, on the cover.


While Strange is able to wield various magical powers, the artifacts he uses are a perfect match for the character. Whether it is the Cloak of Levitation or Book of Vishanti, it is great to see what is going to happen when he calls upon their power.

A close second is his ability to fight with magically conjured axes or swords.


In case you did not know, Stephen Strange was a egotistical doctor. The same could be said as he continues on his path to becoming the Sorcerer Supreme.

While it does not always reveal it’s ugly head, the trait is there and has the chance to appear. In fact, several times during his history, it has come to bite him in the rear.

Doctor StrangeBest Villain

While we do love Dormmammu, we ended up choosing Baron Mordo as the top villain for Doctor Strange.  After his attempt to slay the Ancient Once was foiled by Strange, these two had a multitude of battles over the year. While he came close to defeating the hero, Mordo never managed to get over the final hump.


While his powers may not be typical, there is something about Doctor Strange and what he can do. During his run, he has shown he is able to protect the world even when he is without his title.

Let us know what you think of Doctor Strange and what you like best about him.

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