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Hero of the Month: Drax the Destroyer

Drax the Destroyer

Forget what you know about this hero from Guardians of the Galaxy and learn the truth behind him.

Drax the Destroyer was an unknown comic hero until he was brought into the public light with the success of the Marvel space opera GOTG.

We have already covered more known Marvel heroes, like Captain America or Doctor Strange, so we thought it was time to give some love to the lesser known ones.

Brief History

Drax first appeared in Iron Man #53 in February 1973. He started out as Arthur Douglas was driving through the desert with his wife and daughter when Thanos attacked them. His daughter survived the attack but was ‘adopted’ by Thanos who raised her as Moondragon.

Douglas’ spirit was captured by Mentor and the Titan Kronos who placed it in a powerful body and named him Drax the Destroyer. Drax wandered the solar system looking for Thanos in an attempt to end his life.

He appeared in several series as part of a larger team but saw his biggest influence during the Annihilation: The Conquest line.

His current version is the one most fans are familiar with as a member of the GOTG.


Sure he has super strength which has helped him numerous times. But the one thing you have to say about him is his directness and focus. This was evident when Moondragon is using her powers to force tranquility on planet Ba-Banis. He chooses to stand between her and the path she has chosen, which ultimately cost him his life.


The man has limitations, which was evident when he possessed the Power gem for a short time period. He saw it as a way to increase his physical strength to rival the Hulk’s but was short sighted and did not use it to it’s fullest potential.

Marvel VillainBest Villain

Sure Drax has been part of epic story lines involving various Marvel villains but there are none like Thanos. The mad Titan has been a thorn in the side of Drax over the years and appears to remain there for some time.


Drax is an interesting Marvel hero whose original history is more complex than the recent incarnation. Perhaps with the success of the upcoming GOTG vol 2, we will get a chance to see his character develop more.

Let us know what you think of Drax the destroyer and his place in the Marvel universe.

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