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Hero of the Month: Green Arrow

Green Arrow

You should never underestimate someone who uses a bow and arrow.


We have discussed one archer before, now it is time to take a look at the Green Arrow who calls DC Comics home. 

Sure he has a few things in common with Hawkeye, but Oliver has developed himself over the years into a more complex character. 

For the purposes of this article, we will focus the comic edition of Oliver Queen. 

Brief History

Green Arrow first appeared in More Fun Comics # 73 during November 1941. He was created by Matt Weisinger and George Papp. The character was influenced by the movie 

He was used as a backup feature early on but he turned out to be one of the few DC characters who made it through the Golden Age of comics. Things changed in 1969 when Neil Adams took over. After updating his look and his motives, Oliver became a more vital part of the DC world.

Of his story arcs, the one we prefer is Cross Roads. Here you see Oliver Queen fall and decline to the lowest point in his life. This did help flesh out Oliver some more and made him a little more relateable. 


Oliver does not have any superhuman abilities, he relies upon his talent and money. He did tie in with the Robin Hood mystique when he was created. But with how things have changed over the years, this positive has become more minimized.. 


At times his attitude can be on the annoying side but the biggest negative we would have to say he feels like a stock character at times. We have another billionaire who did not even experience the same heartache as Batman but enough to  make him take the direction he did. Perhaps with a tweak or two, he could be made into will rounded character.

Best Enemy

We went through the list several times but in the end, we see it is is Oliver himself. There are several different story arcs where we see him getting in his own way. Each time it results in something determent for him or someone close to him.


Oliver Queen is the interesting character at times. He has had more meh arcs than others we have covered in the past but there are times when they do draw you in. 

Though he may never have the chance to become a top tier hero, he does hold a spot in the heart of some fans.

Let us know what you think of the Green Arrow?

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