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Hero of the Month: Iron Man

Iron Man

Time to kick off our Hero of the Month series with Iron Man.

We wanted to make sure our this series of posts got off on the right foot so it took some time to decided which hero we wanted to discuss first from the comic world.

After some discussions, we decided to settle on the hero who has become a fan favorite of late and is one of the favorite ones in our household.

Brief History

Iron Man premiered in the Marvel world in Tales of Suspense # 39 during 1963 from a collaboration with Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby.

His own series took off with the Invincible Iron Man, which lasted 336 issues. He has appeared in numerous comic series but gained a resurgence in 2008 thanks to the release of the Iron Man movie, which has helped lead the way for the plethora of Marvel moves.



The powered armor suit is down right awesome. What make this one of the more positives of the hero is the sheet number of different version were made. There is seemingly an armor suit for every situation. including a battle with the Hulk.

Another positive of Iron Man is the sheer genius he possesses. This genius is what make him stand out above the majority of the heroes out there who strictly rely upon their special powers.


The armored suit is also this list because some versions do have limitations at times. Tony has done his best to ensure they are limited, but even his genius is not always able to predict the future.

Another negative to this hero is the over confiendet attitude he has shown at times. While it does serve a purpose, there are times when it can get him and his friends into more trouble than planned.

Best Enemy

Let’s face it, whittling down the list of Iron Man’s enemies was a hard thing because there are so many of them. After going through a long list of major and minor villains, we settled on two. The Crimson Dynamo and the Mandarin. Both of these villains earned the nod for being the top enemies of Iron Man.


In the end, Iron Man is one of the top heroes from the comic world who shows it does not take true super powers to become a hero.

Let us know what you think of Iron Man.

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