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Hero of the Month: Miles Morales

Miles Morales

It is a good thing Marvel made the decision to give us this hero.

Prior to Spider-man: Into the Multiverse, most people did not know much about Miles Morales but things sure have changed.

The moment when his name was dropped in Spider-man Homecoming, you knew we would see more of him and we are lad they did.

Brief History

Miles Morales first appeared in Ultimate Comics: Fallout # 4 which was published in August 2011. He was created by writer Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli. We first see him foil a murder by Kangaroo, a short time after Peter Parker’s death.

Marvel saw a less than solid run with him as part of Ultimate Spider-man. By the time the run had concluded, we see it merged with Marvel 616, opening an whole new world for the hero.

Over the years, Morales has had several difference interesting story arcs, but the one that stuck out was Cataclysm. Here he thought the world was going to come to an end and revealed his true identity to his father.

Instead of an expected acceptance by him, his father disowned him since he felt Miles was the cause behind the death of uncle Aaron and mother Rio.


Miles possesses a majority of the same abilities that our favorite web head. This time around, Miles has a venom strike, which enables his to temporarily paralyze his opponents with a touch. Which it did prove useful over the years, there are times when the opponents have figured a way around it.


The negatives we see are not the character itself but rather the result of the public not being open to new ideas. When it was first released, there were some who felt it was a stunt by Marvel to generate publicity. This along hurt the popularity of the character early on. Something we have seen slowly drift away over the years.

Best Villain

This was a hard one to select but we went with his uncle Aaron Davis, aka the Prowler. The reason is simple, Aaron had the biggest impact on Miles’ life. From tricking him to take on the Scorpion so he could become the new kingpin of NY, to their relationship and his eventual death. Miles’ growth as a character was due in large part to this.


Our first response to the introduction of Miles was we felt Marvel was trying to replace Spider-man. But the moment when we first delved into his story we realized just how wrong we were.

Miles is his own character and deserves the praise that is heaped upon him as a hero in the Marvel Universe.

Let us know what you think of Miles Morales as Spider-man.

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