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Hero of the Month: Spider-man


The hero synonymous with being the main face of Marvel and there are no signs of it ever slowing down.

Spider-man has been a mainstay in the comic universe since the 1960’s and has helped set new bars for which the rest of the industry strives for.

We have covered other Marvel heroes, like Doctor Strange, but there are none like the web head. By now most people have already seen Spider-man Homecoming so we decided to take another look at the hero.

Brief History

Our hero first appeared in Amazing Fantasy # 15 and was created by the amazing Stan Lee Steve Ditko. They broke ground by showcasing the teenage Peter Parker as the protagonist instead of a sidekick to another hero.

They continued to push the envelope with issue #121 where the Green Goblin tosses Peter’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, off a tower to her death. Peter makes what appears to be a saving rescue of his love only to find out the whiplash caused her back to snap. This set forth a new era in the world of comics.

Over the years, we have seen various story lines with the web head where we have seen the future of the hero or what would happen if Peter Parker died.


He has a litany of great powers at his biggest disposal, like his intellect, super strength, and the ever amazing Spider-sense. The one that stands out on top is how Spider-man screws up often when trying to save the day. Despite the mistakes, he never quits and keeps attacking the problem from another angle.


There are no glaring issues with Spider-man but that does not mean he will never achieve any. There is the danger of what would happen if they move on and show Spider-man growing up significantly.  If this happens, we could see some negatives cropping up in his future.

Best Villain

This was a hard one to choice because the web crawler has plenty of villains to go around. You have downright cool ones, like Mysterio. Then you have ones like Venom who have even teamed up with him. In the end, we were left with two choices, the Green Goblin or Carnage.

While Carnage is just out right pure violence and mayhem, we went with the more cerebral Green Goblin. From being the catalyst for the death of Gwen Stacy, the Goblin has been a major thorn in the side of Spider-man.


Hands down he is the top super hero in our household an has been for years. Sure some of the story lines are a bit over the top but time and time again it is brought back to is roots. There is a lot about the Petr Parker character that people can relate too during their teenage years.

Let us know what you think of Spider-man.





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