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Hero of the Month: Thor

The God of Thunder steals the show in November.

Thor has been a mainstay in the Marvel universe and we thought it was about time he received the spotlight in our monthly Hero of the Month article.

Even before Raganarok was a hit at the box office, the on-screen adaptation by Helmsworth has proven to be a bonus for Thor fans.

Sure he may not be as entertaining as Doctor Strange can be, but there is something about the one who wields Mjolnir that captures our attention.

Brief History

Thor first appeared in Journey Into Mystery # 83 in August 1962 though a different version of the Thunder God appeared in 1951.

He was included in Avengers # 1 in 1963 and the founding member has been a part of every subsequent volume of the series.

Over the years his adventures have taken him into various battles for Asgard and for his second home, Earth. From being cursed by Hela to where his bones are brittle to his recent incarnation where he is missing an arm and Mjolnir.

One of the more interesting storylines is his involvement with the Superhuman Registration Act and what he does to oppose it.

On a sidenote, in an interview, Jack Kirby said he did a version of Thor in the fifties for DC and he created him for Marvel because of the enamor he held for the Norse legends.


Some may say his use of Odin Force is one of his best traits which fans caught a quick glimpse of it in the recent movie but that is just a taste.  For us it has to be the bond with Mjolnir. It gives him in an edge in battle along with some humorous scene stealing moments.


Thor is a god and he in the beginning it was one of the traits that dragged on. Whether it was how he spoke or how he acted, at times Thor felt above most common folk. His recent change to Odinson has helped take him back to his roots but we are curious to see how long it lasts.

Best Villain

Some may not consider him a true villain, but there is no others who have been a better match for the God of Thunder than Loki. He has remained a thorn in his side, even when he has been teaming  up with him. It is this dynamic that makes Loki the ultimate match for his brother.


The demi-god has changed over the years and it is interesting to see how he has grown. His recent arc in an interesting one that gives fans of Thor a chance to take a deeper look into what makes him who he is.

Let us know what you think of Thor.

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