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Hero of the Month: Venom


Who knew black suit would turn into a fan favorite.

When Marvel first introduced us to Venom, no one had an inkling of where it would go but we are sure glad of the path it took.

Since his inception in Spider-Man’s world, the character has been an interesting one. First he started off as one of his best villains but then shifted over to become a staunch ally most of the time.

Some may say it reminds them of Deadpool but this guy doesn’t even come close.

Brief History

He first appeared as the living alien costume in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 and came into his own during issue #300 which was released in May 1988. The origin of the black suit was thanks to a Marvel reader who suggested the idea to the comic giant.

After Peter Parker was able to break free of the hold from the symbiote, it went into hiding until it found it’s first host, Eddie Brock.

Over the issues, we saw Venom become one of Spider-Man’s most feared and gruesome villain. The two had epic story arcs, one which kicked off an unusual partnership. Spider-Man brought him back to help him team up to take on Carnage.

The symbiote moved between several different people over the years, one of the more interesting ones was Flash Thompson which led to Agent Venom. Here we saw the heor side shine more thanks to it’s bond with Flash.


One of the things we always liked about is the shape shifting ability. Sure it may not be on the same level as some of the other symbiotes but he is no slouch. On several occasions, he has crafted something to help him out of a jam.


The need to have a host for it to survive makes it hard on the symbiote but over time it showed an ability to survive. The true weakness to fire and sonic waves has made it difficult on it since over time others have learned of it.

CarnageBest Villain

When he is the bad guy, there is no need to look any further than Spider-Man. But in this instance, we would have to give it to Carnage.

It took his powers along with Spider-Man to defeat Carnage and save New York from it. Even then, fans were not sure if it would even be doable.


Venom has been an interesting character the moment we saw it take on a life of it’s own. We have seen his powers develop over time but also his personality as it melded with others. Though we have seen similar symbiote’s come afterwards, none have matched what Venom is.

Let us know what you think of Venom.

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