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Heroine of the Month: Wonder Woman

Hero of the Month Wonder Woman

One of DC’s most iconic heroes is getting her chance at the big screen in June and we have to say it is long over due.

The heroine Wonder Woman stands near the top in a universe where male heroes dominate the landscape and carved out her own path along the way.

We have covered other heroes in the past, like Batman or Nightwing, but thought it was only fitting to cover the top comic heroine.

Brief History

Wonder Woman made her comic debut in All-Star Comics # 8 as a member of the Amazons on Paradise Isle. She met Steve Trevor who crashed near the island. After being sent out to deliver him back to his world, she takes up the mantle to fight for justice.

Over the years we have seen her background change to varying degrees as she fought against a wide variety of dangers, mankind and Gods. She became an integral part of the Justice League and cemented her place in the DC Universe.

PositivesWonder Woman

Yes she is strong and has the ability to go hand to hand with any villain out there.  Then there are the impressive set of weaponry like the Golden Lasso. However the biggest positive about her is the forethought she puts into placing peace and love above war and hate. Her convictions make her a cut above.


There is hard to see fault in the present day incarnation of the heroine. The real issue we had with her character is how she started out. Whether it was how she was viewed in the beginning to the less than stellar sidekicks, Etta Candy. This is character whose flaws have been long wiped away.

CheetahBest Villain

We had a few choices here but opted to go with Cheetah. She has sought after the Golden Lasso and has been a thorn in the side of Wonder Woman. Her speed and strength make her a formidable opponent for the Amazonian princess.


It is hard to go wrong with Diana in the hero category for what she represents and her ideology. It is about time DC Comics has decided to bring her to the big screen.

Let us know what you think of Wonder Woman.

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