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Heroine of the Month: Spider-Gwen


For this month, we decided to dip into the multiverse of one of our favorite heroes.

Spider-Gwen may have been around for only a few years, but she has made a big impact on the comic book industry and in a positive way.

This version comes from the Spider-man multiverse where we have seen versions, like Miles Morales, grow in popularity. But this time, they the entire universe is completely turned on it’s head.

Brief History

Long time Spider-man writer, Dan Slott, first created her for the 2014-2015 Spidey-Verse story arc and eventual led to her own series that kicked off in Feb 2015.

This version, we see Gwen bit by the radioactive Spider and takes on the familiar role. Everyone else’s role has changed up as well, for example Peter Parker ends up becoming the Lizard and eventually dies when they battle.

Captain America and Frank Castle are two characters that play prominent roles over the series history and provide us with new angles.


It was a toss up between the supporting cast and the tone of Spider-Gwen. We love how we see the different roles familar characters take in the series, especially Matt Murdock.


The one downside we see to the character is there are no variations in her powers We would prefer they had made a slight change to Gwen’s powers and make her truly unique.

Best Villain

There are some tough choices on this one, including Peter Parker. At the end of the day, we decided to go with Frank Castle. It is even worse for our heroine since he is the captain of the NYPD’s Special Crimes Task Force. He appears to be a thorn in her side for the long haul.


When we first heard of this version, we had our doubts but over the issues we have come to love her. Sure she is no Peter Parker, which is just find. We think of of the best decisions Marvel made was to shift the entire universe and throw it up for grabs.

We can’t wait to see Spider-man Multiverse this December.

What do you think of Spider-Gwen?

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