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Holiday Pop Figures Galore

Holiday Pop Figures

The holidays are coming and that means one thing, new Pop Figures.

Funko has created various Holiday Pop figures to celebrate the season and add more items to your collectible shelf.

This time around, they have ventured to some of their more popular Pop Figure lines while adding a few new twists for fans.

The following characters were added to this new winter line.

  • Marvel (Hulk, Groot, Spider-man, Deadpool)
  • Star Wars (Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewie, R2-D2, 3CPO)
  • Kevin Mcllister
  • Buddy Elf Cereal
  • Target Lady

Here are some images of the Holiday Pop Figures.


We do like the overall look of the various figures across the board.

At the top of our list is the Hulk, R2-D2, and Kevin. We think these are some interesting ones and bring something new to the table.

There are a few that do not hit the mark with us.

Namely he Target lady and 3-CPO. We like the 3-CPO, but feel like they could have done something different aside from the Santa hat.

Also we are not sold on the Funko cereal brand either, though the mini Buddy Elf could be interesting for a stocking.

These Pop Figures have been showing at your local stores so get them before they are gone.

Are you going to grab any of these Holiday Pop figures for gifts or for yourself?

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