Hot Toys Releasing Finn Vs TR-80RZ Set

Finn vs TR-80RZ steal the show.

Every movie has memorable scenes and the one with Finn Vs TR-80RZ caught Star Wars fans by surprise.

What made the scene stick out was it took place during a major assault by the First Order to search for Rey and BB-8.

The Riot Trooper, or affectionately referred to as TR-80RZ, saw the former trooper, Finn, and went toe to toe with him. Stun baton versus Light saber.

Hot Toys has decided to release a set capturing the essence of it.

The epic battle set will feature the following figures which you can pose to re-enact the duel.

Finn – A 1/6th scale collectible figure based on the image of Boyega with a newly developed head sculpt, tailored outfit, LED Light-up Lightsaber, detailed weapons, and a hexagonal figure stand with Resistance emblem.

Riot Trooper TR-80RZ – A 1/6th scale collectible figure equipped with the sleek designed Stormtrooper armor and helmet, iconic baton, riot shield, blaster rifle and a hexagonal figure stand with First Order Emblem.

You can preorder the set for of Fiinn and the Riot Tropper TR-80RZ for $359.99 and should be available sometimes between June and August 2016.

Make sure to let us know what you think of the Hot Toys Finn Vs TR-80RZ set.

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