How to Train Your Dragon Pop Figures Almost Here

Train Your Dragon Pop Figures

The trilogy is winding down but it does mean new collectibles for fans.

The third movies in the series is coming out in 2019 and with it some new offerings for Dragon Pop Figures by Funko.

Funko has shown an innate ability to select the best options when it comes to Pop figures from movies. We have seen this with recent offerings for Aladdin and Little Shop of Horror.

The question would they be able to maintain this streak with the newest Dragon Pop Figures from the upcoming How to Train Your Dragon release.

This time around, the selection is limited to two figures.

Diamond collection Light Fury

10″ Toothless

10″ Toothless

We think Funko is taking an interesting route. Sure they are limiting their options but the ones they picked were solid. Especially the larger Toothless version.

IN the end, we will probably pass on collecting these. We are a fan of the movies but not enough to pick them up.

Would you consider picking up these new How to Train Your Dragon Pop Figures?

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