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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Hunt for Skylander Swap Force – Wave 2

Night Shift

Power Boy heard on several of his favorite You Tube channels that the Wave 2 for Skylanders Swap Force was released and our the shelves of our favorite retailers.

Since he had a rocking week at school, Magnificent Mom and I decided to take him on his second Hunt for Skylanders Swap Force.

While we struck out at Gamestop, we did hit pay dirt at Toys’r’us.

Fire Kraken

We saw several Series 2 & 3 characters there, like Double Blade Chop Chop, but Power Boy had decided he wanted to grab the swappable characters first.

We found a recently opened shipping box that had Fire Kraken, Night Shift, Boom Jet, and Grilla Drilla.

This put Power Boy in a dilemnia because he wanted to hold out for the Jade Fire Kraken and the possible Legendary Night Shift.

After some much debating, Power Boy decided he did not want to wait and picked up Night Shift and Fire Kraken. Since his funds were limited, Power Boy decided to pick up Night Shift and Fire Kraken and wait on the other two Swap Force characters, Boom Jet and Grilla Drilla.  
Maybe he can get them for Christmas. <winks>
While he was excited to play Fire Kraken, Night Shift has become his second favorite character behind Dark Blast Zone.
If you picked up any Wave 2 characters, do you have any favorites?

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