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I Am Monster: Idle Destruction Is Simple Enough

I am Monster

I mean, who doesn’t want to train a monster?

While scouring the games, we stumbled across I am Monster:Idle Destruction by PikPok and we have to say, the title of the game caught our attention. 

Why? Well maybe you did not catch our review of the recent Godzilla game. When it comes to Monster based games, you are sure we will try it out. 

The premise is simple. You are trying to build up a customizable monster squad by damaging the town and collecting resources. But things won’t be that easy as the cities fight back with their own mechanical monsters. 



The graphics of the game fit perfectly with the style. It is fun watching what happens when the monsters go on their rampage and destroy the citizens and town. We did like there was not an influx of ads for in game purchases. Unlike for the recent Marvel game we checked out.

On the downside, the game is not too complex which could take it down a notch. A lot of the game has to do with timing and making the right choices with the monsters you have. There were a few time when we thought we were going to fail, but managed to come out on top.

Overall the game is nothing special, but if you are looking for something to try out, head over to your favorite App store and give it a whirl.

If you had a chance to play I am Monster, let us know what you thought of it.

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